No matter where you reside on the consumer’s journey — creating awareness, driving engagement, securing the purchase, powering a responsive post-purchase environment, or helping consumers advocate — the DRMA is your industry alliance.


No other trade alliance in the marketing world sits more clearly at the intersection of media, technology, and commerce than the DRMA — powered by Response Magazine and MTC Expo. From conception to consumption, DRMA members are the leaders responsible for creating and disseminating marketing campaigns, measuring their success, and doubling down on customer satisfaction. The DRMA's blend of education, research, networking, and industry leadership is created and perfected by its active membership, inspiring you to take your industry knowledge and connections to new heights.

The DRMA's goal is to consistently put the UNITY in community. Join today and help your fellow member companies strive to achieve that goal — and many others — that have one goal: to foster the growth of companies in the performance-based marketing world.

For more information — who we are, what we believe, and how we lead — click any of the top menu items above. Membership is just $595 per company, per year. Join us in creating the new world of marketing today.