DRMA Committees

In 2016, due to its growth during the previous decade as the alliance for media, technology, and commerce — growth directly attributable to the commitment of our member companies and their leaders who have helped make the DRMA a force for networking, education, and unity in the marketing community — the DRMA formed three committees made up of leaders in the performance-based marketing space. The goal at the time — and still today — was to expand both the alliance's growth, as well as our members’ influence in that growth.

Currently, these three groups are in the middle of the 2017-18 service year. However, volunteers are always welcome to inquire about membership. The committees are:

DRMA Committee Guidelines

  1. To be eligible to serve on a DRMA committee, all volunteers must be employed by a member company — in good standing — of the DRMA.
  2. DRMA committee memberships are granted on a volunteer, first-come, first-served basis. DRMA committee members are appointed and/or relieved of duty at the discretion of the leadership of the DRMA.
  3. DRMA committee membership terms begin each September and are for 12 months, and are renewable for up to two additional 12-month terms per approval of DRMA leadership. A committee member must reapply at the end of each term to continue their service with the committee up to the three-year maximum.
  4. If a committee member joins at any point during the middle of a service year, that year will count as their first full year as a member of the committee. 
  5. Each DRMA member company is allowed up to two active participants on DRMA committees at any given time. Each volunteer is allowed to serve on only one DRMA committee at any given time.
  6. Each DRMA committee will be led by a chair and vice-chair (or two co-chairs). Each committee will decide on its own guidelines for selecting leaders to these positions.
  7. DRMA committee members will be expected to commit approximately 1-2 hours per month of direct service. Direct service will include a monthly phone conference. Additionally, in-person meetings may be scheduled in conjunction with DRMA events in Chicago (March), San Diego (April), Southern California (July), and New York (December).
  8. Members of the DRMA TV Everywhere Committee must actively work for a network/station, MSO (multi-systems operator), MVPD, media agency, or new media technology company.
  9. Members of the DRMA Membership Committee must actively serve in the industry in a client-facing role (new business development, sales, etc.). Creating a committee-wide goal for driving new DRMA memberships will be among the first topics of discussion for the Membership Committee each service year.
  10. Members of the DRMA Education Committee will assist with content concepts for MTC Expo and DRMA educational materials and events only.
  11. Membership in the DRMA Education Committee, DRMA Membership Committee, and DRMA TV Everywhere Committee will be capped at 25 persons.