DRMA Member Case Studies


July 17 — DRMetrix/SciMark: The 2017 Mid-Year True Top 50

June 14 — Incremental Media: Digital Retargeting Moves to the Next Level ... Offline!

January 26 — DRMetrix/SciMark: The 2016 True Top 50


October 13Mojo: My Shiney Hiney

August 10 — Fosina Marketing Group: The Importance of the Customer Value Proposition

August 3 — DRMetrix/SciMark: The 2016 Mid-Year True Top 50

July 13 — Marketing Architects: Leading Somnetics International With CPAP campaign … From 'A to ZZZs'

May 25 — FDAImports.com: How the FDA Almost Stopped the BeActive Brace


July 17 — Fosina Marketing Group: A Fresh Look at Direct-to-Consumer Online Lead Generation

June 30 — Higher Power Marketing: 'For VSC Clients, We've Generated an Average of About 950 Leads per Week — Every Single Week'

May 26 — Higher Power Marketing: 'Get What You Pay for? We Like to Deliver More'

April 15 — Higher Power Marketing: 'When Cost Is Not a Factor ...'

March 1 — Higher Power Marketing: 'Our Conversion Rate for This Client Has Been So Good That It's Almost Unheard of in That Industry'

February 10 — Higher Power Marketing: 'We Gave Them the Power to Buy Media in Any Market'


DRMA Member White Papers


May 11 — National Merchants Association: Solutions for the Changing Payments Landscape

March 23 — AVC Corp.: AVC’s ‘End2End Reverse Logistics’ Program Converts Returns Into Profit

March 8 — Emerging Networks: Multicultural Direct Response Advertising: The Savvy Marketer's Best-Kept Secret


August 22Ship-Right Solutions: The 4 Major Benefits of Outsourcing Your Business Processes 

June 21 — Fosina Marketing Group: Effective Acquisition Strategies Critical for Subscription Marketers


May 10 — InterMedia Advertising: Optimization